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Sesen Skin Body Wellness | Reiki/Yoga

Services and Prices Offered by Karyn
Reiki Energy Healing Session - Sessions typically last 60 to 75 minutes)
Private Yoga Session
Integrative Healing Session
Yoga, Integrative Healing, and Reiki available for businesses and private events. Inquire for pricing.

Services and Prices Offered by Adam
Shamanic Healing Session - Sessions typically last 90 minutes to 2 hours)
Reiki Energy Healing Session - Sessions typically last 60 to 75 minutes)

Combined Offerings
Integrative Healing Session with Karyn followed by Shamanic Healing Session with Adam
Call 720-539-5306 to schedule your appointment with Karyn or Adam!

Check out our website for information about our services and us at

We offer a sliding scale upon request.
Sessions available with Karyn or Adam via skype



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Sesen Skin Body Wellness offers natural skin care services and the best skin care products alongside massage therapy, acupuncture, and even a Denver chiropractor, to help you achieve radiant skin and health from the inside out. Based in Denver, Sesen Skin Body Wellness combines holistic and traditional methods - such as natural skin care products - on a customized and individual basis. Call Sesen Skin Body Wellness today or book your appointment online here.




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