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It’s time to relax and let Sesen Skin Body Wellness massage therapy services take over! Whether you work with your hands or sit at a desk all day, soreness and stiff muscles don’t have to be a part of your daily life. A relaxing massage in a serene atmosphere such as in Denver-based Sesen Skin Body Wellness can help reduce stress, smooth out those worry lines, and prepare you for the coming week.

Our amazing team of massage experts will identify the right massage therapy for you. We offer specialized treatments in sports massage, swedish massage, and myofascial release.

Your muscles work hard for you, isn’t it time you did something for them? If you’ve never experienced myofascial release or enjoyed a professional massage, we’re happy to help answer any of your questions. Call Sesen Skin Body Wellness today or book your massage therapy appointment online here.

This timeless and classic technique of massage places an emphasis on relaxation and letting go of stress and tension, using light to medium pressure combined with long flowing strokes. Increases circulation, relaxes tense muscles, detoxifies the body, and rejuvenates the mind.
60 minutes: $70
75 minute: $85                                             
90 minutes: $100
Deep Tissue
Aimed at releasing deep muscle tension and spasms, relieving pain, and alleviating dysfunction with slow, even pressure. Great for specific issues such as neck pain, lower back pain, Sciatica, etc. Extra hydration before and after your treatment is highly recommended.
60 minutes: $70
75 minute: $85                                        
90 minutes: $100
This is a light to medium massage focusing on relaxation and tension relief for the expectant Mom. This massage is performed in a side-lying position, nestled with body pillows allowing ultimate comfort for Mom and baby. Recommended during the second and third trimester.
60 minutes: $70
75 minute: $85                                             
90 minutes: $100

Sports Massage
This technique promotes healthy muscle tone and increased flexibility through the
use of passive and active stretching as well as deep flushing strokes to remove built
up toxins. Great for increasing athletic performance.
60 minute: $70
75 minute: $85
90 minute: $100

Massage Enhancements

-Add one of these massage enhancements to any massage service and gain additional healing benefits from your treatment.
Neuromuscular and Myofacial Release
Great for addressing specific issues. These modalities will aid in healing soft tissue injuries and reducing chronic pain by returning blood flow to oxygen deprived tissues. You should experience an increased range of motion due to a reduction in muscular and connective tissue adhesions.



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Sesen Skin Body Wellness offers natural skin care services and the best skin care products alongside massage therapy, acupuncture, and even a Denver chiropractor, to help you achieve radiant skin and health from the inside out. Based in Denver, Sesen Skin Body Wellness combines holistic and traditional methods - such as natural skin care products - on a customized and individual basis. Call Sesen Skin Body Wellness today or book your appointment online here.





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